About Mamoo AI

I'm Matthew Snyder, the founder of Mamoo AI and a fervent AI enthusiast, I blend my coding skills and passion for innovation to create impactful AI plugins while studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland.

My Story

Mamoo AI was born out of my love for artificial intelligence and my desire to make it more practical and accessible. I'm Matthew Snyder, a Computer Science student at the University of Maryland, and I've always been captivated by AI. My time as a student and mentor in the Capital One Machine Learning program sparked this passion and provided me with a strong foundation in the field. I took this passion, paired it with my entrepreneurial spirit, and Mamoo AI came to life.

The name 'Mamoo' has personal significance to me. It's a name I used for myself as a child, and it stands as a symbol of our company – a testament to our humble beginnings and the pursuit of knowledge, represented by the elephant in our logo.

My Mission

At Mamoo AI, my aim is straightforward. I want to create innovative and useful plugins that can reach and assist a wide array of users. While my driving force is the pursuit of innovation rather than profit, I understand the necessity of a sustainable model for future expansion. However, my focus remains steadfast on crafting a product that provides true value.

My Vision

I have a long-term aspiration for Mamoo AI: to develop it into a full-fledged company that I can devote my entire career to. If Mamoo AI can evolve into a platform that not only allows me to work independently but also make significant contributions to the AI world, then I would consider that an ultimate success. As Mamoo AI continues to grow and transform, I'm thrilled about the opportunities that await us.

My Impact

Creating plugins isn't just a job for me; it's about making a real difference. Each plugin I develop is user-centric, designed to improve your interaction with AI and make your life or work more efficient. To me, success is gauged by how useful and relevant my plugins are to you, the user.

Behind Mamoo AI

When I'm not engrossed in coding or brainstorming the next great plugin, you'll find me outdoors. I'm a fan of longboarding and skateboarding, and I even work part-time as the extreme sports department head at a summer camp. I oversee a range of activities including go karts, skatepark, mountain boarding, parkour, and paintball. This adventurous spirit and thirst for exploration echo in my work at Mamoo AI, where I'm always in pursuit of the next frontier in AI development.

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